TONGLING FULIU INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is located in Tongling  city,  Anhui province ,P.R. China. Ling-Tong railway goes  through here.  A freeway    is  along  Yangtze River passes by our company. The communication and transportation are very convenient.

Founded on December ,1990. It is a private company which is developing rapidly in recent years .The company is owning two sets of medium-and small-sized mine, and there is an entity--Ore &Powder Processing Plant under our company. It is usded for the processing and trade of minerals. Our main products are high quality pyrite lumps (FeS2) and its powder, counter-weight ore, we also can supply high quality copper ord, galena ore  and iron ore etc.

We are a company specializing in manufacturing all kinds of different specification pyrite products in China. High quality pyrite lumps is used in metallurgic industry, especially in steel works for smelting special type steel. The applications of high quality pyrite powder are widely, such as in abrasives industry (as an additive being mixed to the resin-bonded grinding wheels to increase strength of the wheels),as one of main material in manufacturing of brake linings, in lithium metal sulfide batteries,  in glass industry (as an additive being added to the glass to change the color of  the glass), production of sulfuric acid, and battery recycling industry etc.

The counter-weight ore newly developed by our company is mainly used for the weight balance of hoisting equipment, excavator, building of sea port and steamship manufacture; It can also be used for  the substitute of barite for oil exploration.

Because of excellent quality, reasonable price and good service, our products are popular at home and abroad market.  At present, our products have been exported far away to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, South  Africa and South-east Asia etc.

The Core Values: It as the management ideas, we, as the celebrated manufacturer of pyrite ore and the powder, have got ample experience to satisfy the needs of our customers. That a scientific management mode is essential to the development of an enterprise is rooted deeply in our minds.